Top 10 Upcoming Anime in Spring 2024: Must-Watch List

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Spring is here, and it's bringing a wave of new and exciting anime to the scene. The year 2024 is no different, with a wide range of captivating titles on the horizon. Get ready for a season filled with thrilling adventures, unforgettable stories, and a whole lot of excitement. We've handpicked the top 10 anime to keep an eye out for this Spring 2024.

1. Black Butler: Public School Arc Premiere Date: 

April 13, 2024 

Production Studio: CloverWorks 

Exciting news for fans of the legendary "Black Butler" series! The highly anticipated adaptation of the beloved Public School Arc is finally here. 

With CloverWorks at the helm, known for their exceptional work on "Wonder Egg Priority" and "Horimiya," this revival is sure to reignite the excitement of fans eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.

2. Wind Breaker

Production Studio: CloverWorks 

April 4, 2024, 

Mark your calendars for because that's when "Wind Breaker" will hit the screens! Produced by CloverWorks, the same studio that brought you "Horimiya," this series promises to deliver intense action and captivating storytelling. 

Follow Haruka Sakura as he battles his way through a school filled with tough guys and troublemakers, all in his quest to prove himself as the ultimate warrior.

3. Fable

Production Studio: Tezuka Productions 

April 6, 2024, 

Get ready for an exciting adventure with “Fable,” featuring Akira Sudou, a renowned secret agent also known as “The Fable.” As he navigates through his mysterious past, 

Sudou must face the challenges that jeopardize his current tranquility, leading to an intense storyline brimming with mystery and excitement. 

4. Spice and Wolf

Production Studio: Passione 

April 1, 2024,

Great news for fans of “Spice and Wolf”! Get ready to rejoice as a remake of this beloved series is set to release in Spring 2024.

This iconic masterpiece, renowned for its captivating narrative and enchanting love story, is all set to mesmerize both loyal fans and newcomers with its fresh take on the story. Brace yourselves for an exciting journey into unexplored realms with this reboot!

5. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Part 2

April 7, 2024,

The story goes on in "Mushoku Tensei," known as the pioneer of modern isekai. In the Newlyweds Arc, get ready for a whirlwind of feelings as Rudeus and Sylphie get ready for their wedding amidst thrilling adventures and tough obstacles.

6. KonoSuba Season 3

April 10, 2024,

Get ready for even more laughs and mayhem as Kazuma and his quirky yet lovable friends make their comeback for another season of crazy adventures in the magical realm of “KonoSuba.” With its unique mix of comedy and cleverness, this new season guarantees to bring the hilarious escapades that fans adore. 

7. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3

April 5, 2024,

Rimuru Tempest returns with additional adventures in nation-building in the latest season of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” Get ready to see Tempest take on powerful enemies in the Saint-Monster Confrontation Arc, while also meeting new characters and witnessing the growth of Rimuru’s monster nation.

8. Demon Slayer Season 4: The Hashira Training Arc

May 12, 2024,

The Demon Slayer Corps is gearing up for Season 4, training hard to prepare for their upcoming showdown with the powerful Muzan Kibutsuji. As the danger grows, Tanjiro and his friends must sharpen their abilities to confront the imminent danger ahead.

9. My Hero Academia Season 7

May 4, 2024,

Get ready for the most thrilling adventure yet as the brave students of U.A. High make their triumphant return in Season 7 of “My Hero Academia.” With the future of Japan at stake, our beloved heroes must unite and stand against the wicked schemes of villains, paving the way for an unforgettable clash that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats.

10. KAIJU No.8

April 13, 2024,

Ranked at the top of our list is the highly anticipated “KAIJU No.8,” a fresh and innovative take on the monster-fighting genre. 

Blurring the boundaries between humans and monsters, this series guarantees an exhilarating experience packed with suspense, action, and surprising plot twists. Backed by an extensive marketing campaign and an impressive lineup of artists for its soundtrack, “KAIJU No.8” is set to become the breakout sensation of the season. As we embark on this anime journey in Spring 2024, let's prepare ourselves for an unforgettable rollercoaster ride filled with excitement, laughter, and perhaps a few tears. So, grab your snacks, get comfortable, and brace yourself for a season of unforgettable adventures!

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